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Barons CreekSide Helps Their Community

Daniel Meyer, owner of Barons Creekside in Frederickburg, TX sent the following to his local Emergency Services Captains, generously offering the use of his cabins by their first responders, as well as his property’s clubhouse for meetings. We salute this selfless offer in the face of the crisis!

This is the text of the email Daniel sent to his emergency services:

“Tourism is completely wiped out in town, so are we at Barons CreekSide, with 95% of all future bookings having been canceled.

I have decided to offer the staff  of HCM/City & County police/ EMS workers that live out of town/have to work long shifts/are exhausted to stay in one of our cabins on a nightly basis at no cost whatsoever.

We have 18 Swiss log cabins and larger individual houses, all completely equipped on 26 acres just a couple minutes drive from their operating locations, a perfect place for your exhausted staff to recover. We have only 1 or 2 cabins booked, most days 0, so I could easily accommodate 10 to 15 of your people in INDIVIDUAL rustic/luxurious cabins/houses.

Better to do my part in trying to help our City and essential employees to get through this than closing my place down.

Also we could offer our -now closed- CLUB at Barons CreekSide, for things like offsite meetings for your organization or eating in small groups. We have free wifi & outdoor seating so you could sit apart as needed. Again: No cost whatsoever.

Please contact me directly if you want to swing by to take look at what I can do for y’all and to discuss how to organize/ coordinate. I live on site. Or just call me, knowing that you must be busy.”

We asked Daniel how he came up with this great idea, and he said, “I was riding on my tractor mowing the grass and realized that there was no one to enjoy my blue bonnets. There was no more revenue to generate. All I can generate at this time is good will, so that is what I decided to do.”

– Daniel Meyer, owner of Barons CreekSide, Frederickburg, TX

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