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An Inn Staying Open – And Keeping Safe

Nancy Short of Eagle Rock Lodge in Vida, OR is staying open during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to do so, she wants to make sure that she keeps her guests and employees safe. These are the steps she’s taking now and has been taking, which she has posted on her site’s blog:

“We want to protect our guests, our employees and ourselves – and remain open! What steps are we taking to encourage you to plan to stay here?

    • All rooms have their own heating and cooling source – no “shared air”
    • Breakfast is prepared by Robert and Nancy ONLY – no other people handle food – both Robert & Nancy are licensed food handlers and use gloves when necessary in preparing the food.
    • All plates, silverware, cooking utensils are washed in a commercial sanitizing dishwasher
    • Linens are washed and sanitized
    • Cookies/snacks are now served on individual plates – prepared in the kitchen by Robert & Nancy – no communal trays
    • Each room is equipped with it’s own coffee maker, microwave and mini fridge for guest use.
    • We have 2 veteran housekeepers who thoroughly clean and disinfect each room when guests leave. We use effective cleaning solutions and wipe down all surfaces.
    • Room doors are open for fresh air circulation while cleaning.
      Breakfast tables are set for individual guest rooms – no sharing of space/tables with any other guests.
    • While you are staying here we/our staff will not go into your room unless requested (to reduce your exposure to others).
    • FINALLY – you have access to sunshine, fresh air and the great outdoors – some of the best hiking, fishing and boating in the northwest! To help keep us all healthy!”

We appreciate the stories from innkeepers, whether you are keeping your doors open or are closing.

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