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Muffins with a strudel top cooling on a black wire rack.

Feeding the Helpers – Meal-train Muffins

We’re hearing so many stories of innkeepers reaching out to help in their local communities – here is a lovely story from Liz Brodar, owner of White Fences Inn Water Mill in Water Mill, NY:

“Feeling like I needed to help my community but not knowing what I could do since my inn is temporarily closed so no income. I reached out to our local hospital to see if I could bake some muffins and cookies. I was happy to find out that there was a Meal Train set up to help feed the staff. I will not only be sponsoring a meal but also baking some muffins – they just need to be individually wrapped. Muffins always make people feel good. You might want to consider something similar for you community, it makes me feel good knowing I can contribute even if it’s in a small way.”

We love to hear how innkeepers, the most hospitable helpers in the universe, are, in the midst of these uncertain times, offering an outstretched hand to their communities.

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