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Healthy Social Distancing Tips from Historic Smithton Inn

Rebecca Gallagher of Historic Smithton Inn in Ephrata, PA, has shared with us her ideas for keeping safe with social distancing, and staying healthy mentally as well as physically. These ideas were posted on the inn’s blog recently:

“Just like all our friends, family and B&B guests, we’re practicing Social Distancing here too! These are our top 5 ways to stay positive, healthy and happy while keeping our space.

#5: Embracing New Technologies:

Facetime, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Video Conferences, these are all great tools that we’re putting to use to stay connected with our friends during the pandemic. Our Wine Tasting Room has a Boozy Book Club that meets every month & I’m learning Zoom Conferencing so that we can turn our next meeting into a virtual one! In addition to staying connected, it feels good to learn something new that I’m sure I’ll be able to use in the future too!

#4: Puzzles & Adult Coloring Books:

We have a great collection of puzzles and coloring books that we’re putting to good use, we’ve set up a puzzle in our dining room on one table and have a stack of adult coloring books on another. That way, any time a family member needs a diversion from the news or the negative voices in their head they can focus instead on creating something. Bringing order to disorder feels SO good right now!

#3: Outdoor Space & Games

I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl, so the fact that we’re having a mild spring has worked out pretty nice about now. Our back yard, side courtyard and front porch are all great spaces where we can go to enjoy the great outdoors, wave at friends passing by or even play a game of Cornhole or Can Jam! It’s amazing how much better we all feel after spending a bit of time outside, I HIGHLY recommend this!

#2: Taking walks/rides on Ephrata’s Rail Trail

We LOVE Ephrata’s rail trail, a ‘linear park’ that runs from downtown Ephrata to downtown Lititz (approximately 8 miles). While the trail is popular, everyone does a great job of staying far apart so we can all enjoy the scenery. Between leisurely walks, to brisk jogs and bike rides, we’re able to breathe in some fresh air and work out our tensions.

#1: Watching LIVE music on Facebook Live

One of my favorite things about having a Wine Tasting Room on site is that we host live music events here every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. While those events are obviously not happening right now, OUR musicians have transitioned to performing shows using Facebook LIVE and we’re helping them promote these shows. So, if you haven’t done it yet, LIKE our Weathered Vineyards Ephrata Facebook page & keep an eye out for musicians who are performing… we can even “watch together”, it’s really fun and music is good for our souls!”

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